• Rebecca Hammond Yager

Halloween Eve

Halloween Eve began at midnight, and quite appropriately I might add, with our midnight walk through the neighborhood, Luna and I quiet and enjoying the crisp air and the delicious wind-whipped darkness under a bewitching cloud-skimmed moon... and with Oliver following along behind us, yowling the entire way in the most obnoxiously eerie way possible. (Sorry neighbors!)

Oliver appeared again this afternoon to hang out with me while I noveled away under the trees on another autumn story. While I can’t deny there’s a certain charm to writing pals that insist on being in your lap...and in your face...and on your’s truly magical when the writing pal is just as happy in the chair next to you. He stayed until the lovely evening shadows nudged me back inside, where Bellatrix was all too happy to take over as writing assistant in residence. She insists on a much more paws-on approach.

Just a couple more hours left to Halloween Eve, and then the moon dog and I will head back out for our midnight walk where Oliver will no doubt be waiting for us.

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